Puppies, Airplanes, and True Love | Boulder Veterinarian

Sep 30, 2022

Puppies, Airplanes, and True Love | Boulder Veterinarian

A few weeks ago, I attended a veterinary conference in Kansas City.  On my return flight home, I ended up sitting next to a guy named Scott who’d picked up a new puppy just hours before.  The pup was an 8-week-old Small Munsterlander (a breed I had not heard of, but they are similar Springer Spaniels).  Not surprisingly, Scott was elated.

We did the usual airplane-seat-buddy exchanges.  If I’m being honest, I was hesitant to mention I was a small animal veterinarian.  I really like to read on planes (I had a really good book in hand), and I knew the moment that cat got out of the bag I was going to be locked into a discussion for the rest of the trip.  But I also like to be nice, and I don’t like to lie.  So, I told him my profession and subsequently answered all the questions one tends to have with a new puppy.

After 20 minutes, the conversation shifted from me dispensing professional advice and instead turned into two people just talking about dogs.  Scott told me about his last dog that passed away at 15 years old.  He described her as the love of his life and said it had taken him years to even consider the notion of getting another dog.  He teared up as he spoke about it.  But turning to his new pup and beaming with joy, he kissed her on the head and said “I’m so blessed to have this one.  I’m just so blessed.”

This universal love for dogs is perhaps the thing I like most about my profession.  It doesn’t matter who I sit down with on a plane or in an exam room.  We immediately have common ground surrounding the relationship with your dog.  Dogs break down barriers between people.  Put a hardline conservative and a far-left activist in a small room together and things may get ugly.  But, if they both happen to be Golden Retriever lovers (or even just dog lovers), they’ll be sharing iPhone pics for the next 20 minutes and start following each other on Instagram.

Scott expressed how grateful he was for this new puppy probably half a dozen times or more before the flight landed.  He’s doesn’t strike you as an overly emotional guy too.  He manages a ranch in California and guides elk hunts in Colorado.  His hands are thick, and he was wearing camo.  But the love for his new dog was pouring out of him.  It was a beautiful thing to witness, as true love tends to be.

-Andrew Boal, DVM


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