Dogs are funny | Boulder Colorado veterinarian

Oct 2, 2020

Dogs are funny | Boulder Colorado veterinarian

Dogs are funny.  I have two of them.  One is what we lovingly call an “Oklahoma Terrier”.  He’s a mutt from said state and looks part Jack Russell and part Whippet (basically a long-legged Jack Russell).  We got him from Boulder Humane Society while he was recovering from Parvo.  We also call him “Chippy” because he can be chippy in an endearing way if that’s possible.  A while back he saw a rabbit across our pasture and jumped out of our hayloft which is 10’ high in feverish pursuit of that little critter.  We had time as he descended to consider the reality that he may very well break all his legs on impact.  But he hit the ground running, covered about 80 yards in no time flat, and almost snagged the unsuspecting rabbit.  He came trotting back like it was nothing.  So that’s Jedi.

Our other dog is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  His name is Blitzen because he was a Christmas morning pup for our kids.  He has a variety of other names, the most frequent being “Baby”.  My wife says he is her soulmate, so I’m not exactly sure where that leaves me.  Blitzen has a host of other names as well, including “Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bun with Rainbow Sprinkle Sorbet,” “Mrs. Fluffy Muffington,” “Baby Cake Sugar Bunting Cinnamon Swirl with Coconut Caramel Topping,” and pretty much any sweet confectionary combination that can be contrived.  He likes to be in laps, and he is not under-loved.

These dogs do funny things.  Earlier today they each got a large braided rawhide.  I’ll catch some flak from veterinary dentists for admitting this. (We aren’t supposed to give dogs any chewable items that are too firm to resist a thumbnail impression.  They can break teeth.  Also, if they get too small that they can be swallowed and lodged in their GI tract.  So we throw them away before this can happen.  That’s my veterinary public service message).  Nevertheless, we go rogue and let our dogs have them.  They play this silly game where they just stand and stare at them, eyeing each other suspiciously.  We give them each one so it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it seems to be.  Then they gingerly retrieve their bounty and retreat to their individual safe zones.  Soon they lose interest in their own and slink around to check each other’s rawhides out.  Then they may ignore them completely.  Or one may prance around with it in their mouth looking all proud of himself while the other follows, waiting for the chance to snatch it up.  At some point the FedEx guy comes and they lose their minds.  Ultimately, the rawhides are gnawed down and each has to go sampling the others until this meets its natural conclusion.  The whole deal is bizarre, and I can’t figure it out.  We aren’t behaviorists in vet med – maybe they get it.

This is one small example of the hilarity and company dogs provide.  I know each of you have your own version of the above.  Dogs add so much to our lives, especially during COVID.  With all the downtime I hope you’ve rediscovered the loving companionship of your fur-covered friends.  I’m sure they’re glad you are home more and enjoying the extra walks too.

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