Busy | Boulder vet clinic

Aug 16, 2021

Busy | Boulder vet clinic |

Rise Vet has been busy this Summer.  We are thankful to all our clients and the surrounding downtown Boulder neighborhoods.  At a difficult time for the entirety of humanity, we are fortunate to be in this industry.  Our hearts go out to those businesses that have suffered or been lost due to COVID-19.

While being busy is a blessing, we have been looking for employees to assist with the demand.  That has been a very difficult task.  In fact, it’s been difficult for our entire industry, and all veterinary hospitals are feeling it.   But vet medicine is not unique.  I have several friends involved in multiple small business, they are experiencing an employee shortage as well.  Barely anyone applies to job postings.  Having worked in multiple vet hospitals over the past decade, I’ve been involved in filling all levels of staff positions.  Previously, after posting a job, you would have multiple applicants within the week.  Now it’s crickets.

Consequently, there have been several cases over the past two months where we had to refer patients to other hospitals simply because we didn’t have the ability to offer our best care.  It’s very frustrating to do this, both for us and the client.  But the big reason for doing this is that a severely overwhelmed veterinary staff (any staff doing anything for that matter) is more likely to deliver inadequate care or make mistakes.  This doesn’t mean we can’t handle busy.  It’s a given in this business and a day can turn on a dime.   But when we know we are at that edge, we refer to other hospitals because we know they are also licensed trained professionals.  In extremely busy situations, if they have an opening, it’s a better option.

Again, we entirely understand a client’s frustration when this occurs.  You want to be with a staff that knows you and your dog or cat.  Conversely, if your companion was hospitalized or has an appointment that really requires some discussion, you may feel disappointed if your time is cut short or our attention is compromised because we let things get way out of hand.

The good news is we are bringing on more staff.  One small fault of ours is that we are picky.  I want team members that are effective communicators, offer compassion to patients and clients, and promote a positive culture.  We have some excellent candidates for several positions and look forward to the additions to our team.

Thank you for bringing your dogs and cats to us, and for trusting us to help them live long and healthy lives.  We never dared to dream of this level of busy-ness just 10 months from opening our doors, and it’s because of you and your trust in us – and we will always be thankful for that.

Busy | Boulder vet clinic Rise Vet is Boulder’s new breed of veterinary care located in downtown Boulder.  Call us today to make an appointment for your pet.  We are located in the Ideal Market Plaza, right next to Sweet Cow Ice cream and are excited to open our doors to you and your pets.  We serve pet lovers in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, Superior and surrounding Boulder County.