Boulder vet hospital | our mission

Mar 29, 2022

Boulder vet hospital | Our Mission

RiseVET opened in September of 2020 with the intention of creating a culture-focused veterinary practice.  It’s been an incredible first year and a half, and we’ve been honored and humbled by Boulder’s response to our practice.  It was also a huge surprise to discover we’re a Next Door Neighborhood favorite in 21 local neighborhoods.  We never imagined, when we opened in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, that we’d grow this fast.  It’s a testament to pets, and how they help us through life – both the hard times and the easy ones.

Since we’re now mid-way through our second year, I thought I’d take a moment to share our mission again.

The name “Rise” was chosen as a call to move from the industry standard to a higher position.  It’s also a reminder to better serve patients, clients, teammates, and ourselves.

There are two primary core tenants make Rise different from other veterinary practices:

1) We share 20% of profits with our staff

2) We are culture-focused

In more detail…

1) We share 20% of profits with our staff:

Our goal is to return both financial gain and quality of life to all employees that make a veterinary hospital possible.  We believe the investment in our people provides a platform to develop happy employees who deliver an elevated form of veterinary medicine.  When this is done on a consistent basis, everyone wins – patients, clients, and staff.  When this equates to profit for the business, the staff shares in those profits.  To the best of our knowledge, Rise Vet is the only veterinary practice that offers this benefit.

So, we’re out to create a different Boulder veterinary hospital model, and hopefully a better industry model.  What we’re about is creating a practice where everyone wins, not just owners or investors at the expense of patient care and staff.  Our staff has a common mission: to advance as a team through staff profit sharing, quality of work-life improvements rooted in mindful leadership, and a definitive career path.  As a result, clients witness a dedicated team approach, with a staff personally invested in each case and working coherently as a team.  Our  focus is on delivering the most positive client experience possible.  Because this way everyone wins.

2) We are culture-focused:

Bad work culture stinks.  We’ve all experienced this at some point in life and it will drain the passion right out you.   That’s why the way we treat each other is paramount.

We can’t expect a staff to deliver true compassion if they are not working in a compassionate environment.  And compassion is what the veterinary business is supposed to be all about.  So we’ve made it our mission to elevate this standard.

We thank you for your continued trust in us and feel grateful to be trusted with your beloved pets.

Boulder vet hospital | Our Mission | Rise Vet is Boulder’s new breed of veterinary care located in downtown Boulder.  Call us today to make an appointment for your pet.  We are located in the Ideal Market Plaza, right next to Sweet Cow Ice cream and are excited to open our doors to you and your pets.  We serve pet lovers in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, Superior and surrounding Boulder County.