Poppy & Blossom

Oct 3, 2023


As Rise Vet celebrates the 3-year anniversary of our opening, I’d like to sincerely thank all of you for the support of our practice. We signed our lease agreement a couple months before COVID hit, and like so many other business, we had no idea what was going to happen after the world shut down. Because of you, Rise Vet has continued to grow and we are sincerely grateful for every human and pet that has come through our doors.

For those of you looking to add another family member (or know someone who may), we have two pups who need loving homes.


We recently had the opportunity to help out a little 5-year old Shih Tzu/Maltese mix named Poppy (the cute little white dog above). She was found on the side of the road in rural Arkansas in pretty rough shape. She’s now fully recuperated with a clean bill of health, and is ready to find her new family.

Here’s a description of Poppy from the wonderful folks at Boulder’s own Summit Dog Rescue:

“Poppy is 8 lbs, and loves her daily walks. She adores her toys, and carrying them around like babies. She is great on car rides and loves hanging on your lap while you binge watch Netflix or work from home! She enjoys dogs and has lived with other dogs successfully, but she will bark at them when on leash. Poppy is house-trained and trustworthy with free roam. She has no history with cats that we know of. She is spayed and vaccinated and just had extensive dental work done by the wonderful vets at Rise – so she is in tip top shape and ready for adoption!

She is a sweet, loving girl who deserves to live her best life in Boulder County!

Due to her petite size, we are saying no young children.”

For more information, contact:
Summit Dog Rescue
[email protected]


And from a dear client of ours, we have another sweet and motherly pup named Blossom who is looking for a loving home (the Redtick Coonhound pictured top left). This client was heartbreakingly diagnosed with terminal cancer and can no longer give Blossom the exercise that she needs. They don’t want her to be left when the time comes without a home.

Here’s a description of Blossom from her loving caretaker:

“I would like to continue to have Blossom as the solid member of my family that she is, but for her sake I must think about rehoming Blossom to an active individual or family that enjoys the outdoors with walks and exploring. Blossom is a sociable and active dog that wants to snuggle up on the couch in the evening.

Blossom is a 78-pound spade female Red Tick Coonhound of about 7 years and in strong physical shape. She has been in the care of Rise Veterinary since we adopted her in March of 2022. A call to Rise will clear up any questions concerning her health and disposition.

Blossom was raised in Las Vagas, NV to work as a brood for 4 years having 3 – 4 liters (note the brands on her ears). Her claim to fame is that her last liter was of fifteen puppies. We adopted her 8 weeks after the birth of that liter. She pined for her babies and gathered her stuffed toys to shelter them. Fortunately, she is spayed, and she is still a fabulous mother at 7. She hears a pup, or a human baby whine or cry and she reacts immediately to sort out the problem. She can be asleep on the sofa next to me as I am watching TV and a pup will protest their being bullied by the others in the litter – she is awake and sitting glued to the TV making motherly sounds.

As with most Coonhounds, she is a homebody, loves her family, loves her beds and is especially fond of her crate, used as home base when she is playing, bored or wants a time out. In the field she is the other face of the Coonhound, a tracker. Turned loose in the open spaces or large dog park her nose is on the ground and when she picks up the scent it is off to the races baying and talking all the way. No worries since she is well accustomed to her recall device that I use either as an audible or on vibration, she has never been shocked. She always makes sure she knows where I am by turning and verifying my location or when she does not see me, she just stands and waits for me to come around the corner.

With other dogs Blossom is friendly and will back off if the other dog is not. I have never seen her in a fight or yelling contest. She just leaves. With other like minded dogs, she will run with them and rarely wrestle. She is just a calm dog that has seen it all.

Cats unfortunately she sees as challenging prey. She can go from being her goofiest to a hound in a flash. No cats apply.”

For more information regarding Blossom, please contact Rise Vet directly at 303-945-5313 or email us at [email protected]