Welcome Dr. Kendra Fryburg! | Boulder Veterinarian

May 18, 2022

Welcome Dr. Kendra Fryburg! | Boulder Veterinarian |

Rise Vet is thrilled to welcome Dr. Kendra Fryburg to our practice!  Dr. Fryburg has almost two decades of experience as a small animal veterinarian and is simply awesome all around.  Over the years she’s done a deep dive into her personal mindfulness practice and applies it daily when interacting with both patients and clients.  We think the world of her and know you will too.  Here are a few introductory words from her on mindfulness and her personal journey:

Conscious Living…

As I sit here in silence alone, I watch the sun slip slowly behind my glorious view of the mountains. Another day almost over. Where has it gone? I remember as a teenager how time seemed to drag on and how I yearned to “grow up”. Funny how that is – I didn’t realize just how much I’d want time to slow down as the years passed.

 As I reflect on this journey, called life, I think about how much I’ve grown. Who I am today would be unrecognizable to the woman I was in my 20’s or even 30’s. Life has shaped me, as it does us all, in so many profound ways. The most pivotal moments, the ones that created the greatest transformation, were actually the ones that were most painful.

I’m not exactly sure what motivated me to seek out a better way versus spiraling into a dark abyss.  Something deep within me, a quiet whisper uttered, “There’s gotta be more to life than this.” That voice was right on track. As I began to shift my perspective of the world, the world around me changed. I started to feel more peaceful, joyful, strong, and inspired. This was a direct contrast to the anxiety, fear, and panic I’d been trapped within for so many years. 

This transformation didn’t happen overnight. It is a process, the proverbial onion, peeling it back layer by layer. What I witness isn’t always flattering. In fact, sometimes it is downright messy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. How do I do it – trial and error, daily meditation, sheer will, mental and emotional training, support of friends and mentors, a trust in the Divine, and showing up again and again especially when I don’t want to. I have a deep gratitude and appreciation for all the people in my life, past and present. The people who challenged or hurt me the most, were often my greatest teachers.

This shift has deeply impacted my work as a veterinarian. When I was fresh out of vet school, nearly 19 years ago, I didn’t have the tools to manage my thoughts or emotions, let alone how to relate to a high stress environment which often involves discussing difficult decisions about a client’s beloved pet. Managing our state of being isn’t something we’re taught in vet school. Although, quite frankly, I think it should be mandatory. In my first decade plus as a veterinarian I would nearly make myself sick stressing about cases, unable to leave work at work and allowing this heavy load to carry over into my personal life. While I still get hung up from time to time, I have learned (and will always be learning) how to show up from a place of acceptance and compassion, rather than anxiety and frustration.  This is a daily mindfulness practice. Not only has it impacted how I relate to my career, but in regards to how my patients and clients show up. Animals are extremely sensitive to our energy and can pick up on the subtlest of emotions. As I become more grounded and calmer within, I’ve noticed my clients and patients responding in a different way. 

Now when life hands me a curve ball, after the initial blow, I pause, take a breath, and ask “What is the opportunity here? What do I know to be true? What are the next best steps I can take?” The answer doesn’t always occur to me immediately, but I’m learning to listen to that inner whisper more and more, and in order to hear her I must be still and quiet. Within this silence is a gift.

I’ll end with this quote: “A memory without an emotional charge is called wisdom”  Dr. Joe Dispenza

 – Kendra Fryburg, DVM

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